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Please list all the products or produce you wish to sell at the farmers market. You will only be permitted to sell the products or produce listed below, subject to approval by the committee, and may be asked to remove any undeclared items. If you change your trade or develop new lines, you will be required to fill in a new application.
The cost per stall is £25 per week to be paid in advance on the 1st Friday of the month. Refunds only give if you cancel by 5pm on the Wednesday of that week. Cancellation only valid if chairman is contacted. Half stalls are sometimes available at a cost of £15 but this is at the discretion of the market committee. If you are making products from raw ingredients (i.e. Cakes, Savouries, pastries, bread, beer, cider) you must include local ingredients. Local means 30 miles of the primary business and please give details of these below.
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Will you be attending the market to sell your produce? If no please state who else will be regularly at the market:
Are you a member of any assurance or certification scheme (organic, leaf, fabbl etc)? If yes please list:
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1.     All products must be local and come from within a radius of 30 miles of Minehead, unless there is a need to widen the range of products. Preference will be given to local primary producers.

2.     Fresh or processed meat must have come from animals reared by the producer and processed by the producer; no GM feed may be used in the production.

3.     Fresh fish/shell fish/crabs and lobsters must have been landed at ports only in Somerset/Devon or Cornwall. No pre frozen fish is permitted.

4.     Fresh or processed poultry must have come from birds or gamebirds reared by the producer, no GM feed may be used in production and notice of any anti biotic used must be clearly displayed.

5.     All added value products (cakes, pastries, etc) and processed foods must contain 10% of raw ingredient grown and raised within the defined local area and no commercial pre-mixed materials may be used.

6.     A producer will not be able to bring their produce to the market if their primary source of income is derived from their own retail outlet.

7.     The principal producer or employee involved in the production of the items on sale must be at the stand and only own products of local origin must be sold. Approval to sell other products must be sought from the management committee.

8.     Only products submitted to and approved by the management committee may be sold.

9.     All producers handling food products must meet the requirements of West Somerset Councils environmental health section and hold at least the basic food handling certificate.

10.     Where two producers wish to sell the same or similar products, the committee will give priority to the producer with the larger element of primary production in their product.

11.     All produce must be clearly labelled and priced.

12.     Stands must be neat and tidy and producers are responsible for clearing litter around their stall at the end of the market.

13.     This is a no smoking market; therefore any producers wishing to smoke during a market must do so at the rear of the stalls and not in from on the pavement.

14.     The marquee’s are the property of West Somerset Council and the responsibility for their being put up and taken down and storage is to the council. A fee is paid by the whole market for this service.

15.     The market will take place in the parade, Minehead every Friday between 8.30am and 2.00pm. All vehicles must have left the area by 8.30am and may not return before 2.00pm.

16.     Producers must have packed all stock away before entering the market with their vehicle.

17.     All vehicles will enter the site by the western end of the parade and exit by the eastern end. The site must be cleared by 3.00pm. Driving on the pavement is strictly forbidden.

18.     Complaints must be made to the chairman or any committee member.

19.     The decision of the committee will be final and furthermore the committee reserve the right to change the rules without prior notice.

20.     The committee will be elected at an annual general meeting.